February 4, 2012

Icing Magnetix Polish Blue

Today I am showing you the Blue version of Icing Magnetix. If you haven't read my Gold version, click HERE.

Honest truth, I am not as in love with the blue as I am with the gold. I think the gold has more depth, especially with the flecks in it. The blue has more of a watery effect. I might try it again and position the magnet differently, I'll let you know.

It's just NOT as special as the gold but still pretty cool. If you don't have the patience for nail art, magnetix is a perfect alternative. This trend is just going to get more popular, and there are a couple of brands out there that has magnetic polishes already, but they are either expensive or hard to find. China Glaze will be coming out with their own version and they will be selling the polish and magnetic separately. Which is great because you can purchase China Glaze online or at Sally Beauty stores nation wide. There are several plates for sale so I will be purchasing those when they come out. 

What do you think? Blue or Gold?

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