about me

Welcome to Blog The Nail! My name is Annie, a 30-something stay at home mom with lots of time on her hands. I used to hate manicures because I hated the way my nails looked. Like many other nail bloggers, I was a nail bitter. I've always had short stubby nails. During high school, I kicked my nail biting habit by getting acrylic nails, but of course, I didn't have the income to supplement the routine, so back to short stubby nails.

With the discovery of nail art tutorial, I decided to start taking care of my nails and cuticles and voila, the blog is born. My nails can still be pretty brittle and peel-y. I do what I can on the outside, but I rarely eat/drink dairy. This is not proven, but I'm pretty sure the lack of calcium has something to do with weak nails.

I am sporting natural nails though :) Sometimes it will be short, it will probably always be uneven, but that's me!