February 9, 2012

A-England Tristam

Tristam is from The Mysticals collection of Adina's polish brand, A-England. It is a dusty night sky blue with a ton of shimmer. The application was super easy. I find that Tristam was a lot easier to apply than Lancelot. Maybe it was because I've moved to an even dryer state? I noticed that all the polishes I've been using since I've moved are less runny. I'll have to try an oldie to test that theory.

Tristam is my favorite out of the 3 A-England polishes I have (Galahad, Tristam and Lancelot.) It is just BEAUTIFUL, possibility my favorite polish. I think the color is unique and the shimmer makes it pop. I bought Galahad and Tritam during a sale, it turned out to be about 10 dollars a bottle. I am waiting for a sale so I can buy some of The Legend collection. You can purchase A-England directly from the website, Adina the owner offers free shipping. But it takes me about 2 weeks to get the package. Or.... you can purchase them from Llarowe, the US stockist, for $12 per bottle with very reasonable shipping.

I love getting foreign packages so I've always purchased through the website. I will review Galahad next week!

February 6, 2012

Review: Julep Essential Cuticle Oil

Giveaway winner announced! Continue reading.....

I feel bad that I brushed off this cuticle oil yesterday. When I put it on, I thought "meh." but as the day went on, I noticed that my cuticles are dry and actually they looked pretty good. I was using Qtica before but there were still cracks, and looked pretty nasty. But with just one time use of Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, they are looking back to normal. I moved from a dry state to a even drier state. Like I said last post, I really liked the roller ball. I don't know how to describe the scent but it's not like any of other oils I've used. It's not bad or strong. If you put on hand lotions afterwards, you can't tell at all.

The major downside to this cuticle oil is the price, $18 for .28 oz! I am not sure how long it will last me, I am putting it on 2-3 a day. You don't have to, I just love putting on lotions and creme.

Now on to the announcement, this is strictly a facebook giveaway, you have to be a fan of my facebook page to win. If you are not a fan yet, head on over! 

The winner is.....

* I am wearing Julep Marisa

If you would like to try Julep, click here :)

February 5, 2012

My February Julep Maven Box

Hi everyone! I am all moved in and almost all unpack. The moving has done a serious number to my nails. I tried to take pictures but they are just so unattractive. One more week, and swatch pics will be back.

Our winner for the Revlon giveaway never emailed me so I will be picking another winner. Keep reading and find out how.

Anyways, today is about my February Julep Maven Box. Julep is a nail company based out of Seattle. You can purchased their product on their website Julep.com or you can become a Maven and get a monthly preselected box mailed to you. The first mail ever at our new place WAS my Maven box! How lucky is that? What is different about Julep Maven as opposed to other beauty box is that you get a preview before Julep ships the box to you. If you don't like what is coming to you, you can request a "shelf pull." That's what I did this month, I didn't like the polish colors for my "American It Girl" profile, so I went with BoHo Glam.

This is what I got!

Black box is this month, Red was December. I decided to skip January because of the move. Oh yeah, you can skip or ship your box to a friend as a gift!

I love their packaging. It always looks so festive! February has an Oscar theme, but the navy blue was perfect for the Big Game!

Left to right: Marisa, Oscar, and Julep Cuticle Oil Roller.

I have Marisa on right now, the formula is good, but because the brush is so long that it will pick up a lot of extra polish. So I always get rid of some in the bottle every 1 to 2 strokes. I will re-swatch later and show you the pictures. The blue is not super unique but I don't have it in my stash do I'm happy.

I also tried the cuticle oil roller, it's a lot cleaner than a brush, but the oil isn't anything too special. Feels like any other cuticle oil. after a whole day of use, I am LOVING the cuticle oil roller!!! It deserves it's own post. which is coming soon.

I got my first maven box for a penny and was able to get this one free from the referral credit. If you would like to try Julep Maven, Click on this link  http://julep.com/?r=18136990

If you google julep coupon code you can usually get the first box for $5 (normally $19.99) Shipping if free, just make sure you select the right option.

I am not totally convince to signed up for the program yet, I am a commitment-phobe. We are trying to decided wither we should buy a house or not, CAN YOU IMAGINE??? I want to rent for a year, hubby wants to buy now! It is very stressful. But the good thing is, I can keep skipping months if I don't feel like buying :)

Now on to the giveaway, just enter below. It is super easy to do :) Let me know if you have any questions.

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February 4, 2012

Icing Magnetix Polish Blue

Today I am showing you the Blue version of Icing Magnetix. If you haven't read my Gold version, click HERE.

Honest truth, I am not as in love with the blue as I am with the gold. I think the gold has more depth, especially with the flecks in it. The blue has more of a watery effect. I might try it again and position the magnet differently, I'll let you know.

It's just NOT as special as the gold but still pretty cool. If you don't have the patience for nail art, magnetix is a perfect alternative. This trend is just going to get more popular, and there are a couple of brands out there that has magnetic polishes already, but they are either expensive or hard to find. China Glaze will be coming out with their own version and they will be selling the polish and magnetic separately. Which is great because you can purchase China Glaze online or at Sally Beauty stores nation wide. There are several plates for sale so I will be purchasing those when they come out. 

What do you think? Blue or Gold?

January 26, 2012

Zoya Marley

Keep reading to see if you are the winner of my Revlon Whimsical giveaway winner!

Zoya has described Marley as "lightest baby lavender touched with a hint of gray-silver and a subtle pearl finish." You can't really see the gray-silver on the nails, but you can see it in the bottle.  It's a great color to wear in the winter if you are sick of wearing dark. Marley is subtle without being boring. 

Marley did not apply as easily as some of my other Zoyas, but it could be user error. Different types of finish applies differently, so I might have been picking up too much on my brush and needed to have thinner coats to get a more even finish. Overall I am glad I got Marley. I don't have this color in my stash yet and glad to have her.

And now for the winner of Revlon Whimsical is............. Tiffany Crooker!
Please email me at blogthenail@gmail.com to claim your prize. Congratulations!

January 24, 2012

Review: Butter London Powder Room

Today I am reviewing Butter London Powder Room. It is an acetone free nail polish remover. I got a tiny bottle as part of a set when I purchased Yummy Mummy. It has a floral smell but not too overwhelming. The thing with acetone free polish remover is that it is not very good at removing nail polish. I usually buy removers with some acetone in it. But this is not the case with Powder Room. I used it to remove my Clairvoyant mani and it worked like a champ. A little goes a long away and I like that it doesn't have a strong chemical smell.

It is pricey though..... $5.00 for a 2 fl oz. I might get more when this buttle runs out but I won't use it for every removal.

January 23, 2012

Icing Magnetix Polish Gold

I've been wanting magnetic polishes for a while, but just couldn't quite plop down $16 for a bottle of Nail Inc. So when I read The PolishAholic's post yesterday I was ecstatic! She showed swatches of Icing's version of magnetic polishes and they were only $9 a bottle PLUS buy 1 get 1 50% off. There is a Claire's at my local mall but no Icing. Coincidentally, I was meeting my family for lunch near another mall and that mall had an Icing store. I really thought it was my LUCKY day.

Since I've never tried magnetic polish before, I decided to only buy 2, but there are 4 in the collection: gold, silver, blue, and red. I bought gold and blue. If you don't know what magnetic polish is, it's basically regular polish, but the cap has a magnet that you place just above your nail for about 10 seconds. Then magically a pattern appears! The pattern will vary depending on how you position the magnet above your nails.

Today I am showing you the Gold/Green version. IT IS AWESOME!

That's my thumb on the magnet part of the cap. The little "lip" is where you place on your cuticle so you don't accidentally touch the polish with the magnet. The direction says to apply a thick coat and place the magnet directly over for 10 seconds. What I did was, I applied a base coat, a coat of color, then another coat of color, magnet, then top coat. When applying the second coat of color, you'll have to use the magnet right after you apply the color on each nail. It is more work but well worth it. The result is more than what I had hoped for! I LOVE IT! I love the gold flecks too. I'll be showing the blue one with a different pattern another day. But out of the 2, this one I like far better.

You can't purchase Icing online, and I have yet to confirm if Claire's will be carrying this line.