f a q

1.What base coat and top coat do you use?

I am currently using Nail Tek Foundation II for base coat and NYC Grand Central Station (Target/Walmart) for top coat. This is the combination that is working for me. Not all base/top coats will work on everyone, you might have to try a few before you find the one that works.

2. What cuticle oil/ hand cream do you use?

For cuticles, I use Burt's Bee cuticle balm and I have too many hand creams that I like.... My favorite drugstore cream is Vaseline Deep moisture creamy formula. This is a picture of a recent cream haul. I think I am good for a while.

3. How do you paint your nails?

Very carefully..... And Practice :) I try not to make a big mess so that I don't have to clean up later. Let's be honest, I WILL mess up my newly painted nails while I am cleaning them up. What's the point? I do keep a cuticle stick near by so that if I mess up, I use the stick to wipe away the mistake right away. As for painting with the non-dominate hand, that will come with practice. Keep the brush study and roll your hand.

4. What camera do you use?

I have a Canon 50D. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit my photos. I will always take photo indoors with a bounced (indirect) flash. On occasion I will provide natural light photos as well. I strive to produce consistent photos.

5. What skin tone do you have?

I have olive skin and tans very easily. I think I am a warm or warm neutral.