January 24, 2012

Review: Butter London Powder Room

Today I am reviewing Butter London Powder Room. It is an acetone free nail polish remover. I got a tiny bottle as part of a set when I purchased Yummy Mummy. It has a floral smell but not too overwhelming. The thing with acetone free polish remover is that it is not very good at removing nail polish. I usually buy removers with some acetone in it. But this is not the case with Powder Room. I used it to remove my Clairvoyant mani and it worked like a champ. A little goes a long away and I like that it doesn't have a strong chemical smell.

It is pricey though..... $5.00 for a 2 fl oz. I might get more when this buttle runs out but I won't use it for every removal.


  1. I have a bottle of this, but I can't bring myself to use it. The smell is so harsh.. plus I LOVE the Zoya Remove+

  2. That's funny because I think Powder Room is less aromatic than Remove+. I like both though.

  3. I'm so glad you reviewed this. I just ordered butter London's from Macy's They had a deal if you spent $50 you got this plus a free bottle of a red shade. I got it thinking I'm a remove fan but it will be good to try it especially being free. If it can remove clairvoyant aka unicorn puke that says a lot. Zoya's remove while I love it I do struggle with getting some of the glitters

  4. I didn't know Macy's sell butter LONDON!

  5. I didn't like the powdery residue it did leave so not sure if I would purchase it

    1. do you wash your hands after using nail polish remover? I had not notice a powdery residue.

  6. I did and it was prior to washing I just have such ocd issues with my hands it bothered me. I know it sounds silly to prevent me from purchasing it in the future but that is because I know Zoya remove works well, there is no residue and its a cheaper price