January 23, 2012

Icing Magnetix Polish Gold

I've been wanting magnetic polishes for a while, but just couldn't quite plop down $16 for a bottle of Nail Inc. So when I read The PolishAholic's post yesterday I was ecstatic! She showed swatches of Icing's version of magnetic polishes and they were only $9 a bottle PLUS buy 1 get 1 50% off. There is a Claire's at my local mall but no Icing. Coincidentally, I was meeting my family for lunch near another mall and that mall had an Icing store. I really thought it was my LUCKY day.

Since I've never tried magnetic polish before, I decided to only buy 2, but there are 4 in the collection: gold, silver, blue, and red. I bought gold and blue. If you don't know what magnetic polish is, it's basically regular polish, but the cap has a magnet that you place just above your nail for about 10 seconds. Then magically a pattern appears! The pattern will vary depending on how you position the magnet above your nails.

Today I am showing you the Gold/Green version. IT IS AWESOME!

That's my thumb on the magnet part of the cap. The little "lip" is where you place on your cuticle so you don't accidentally touch the polish with the magnet. The direction says to apply a thick coat and place the magnet directly over for 10 seconds. What I did was, I applied a base coat, a coat of color, then another coat of color, magnet, then top coat. When applying the second coat of color, you'll have to use the magnet right after you apply the color on each nail. It is more work but well worth it. The result is more than what I had hoped for! I LOVE IT! I love the gold flecks too. I'll be showing the blue one with a different pattern another day. But out of the 2, this one I like far better.

You can't purchase Icing online, and I have yet to confirm if Claire's will be carrying this line.

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