January 16, 2012

Finger Paints Asylum

I am flying home today after a weekend in Denver house hunting. We had to get up at 4 am for a 7 am flight. I am sitting in the airport now, editing this post because I know I will be dead the rest of the day. And I miss my kids like crazy so we will be doing whatever they want :)

Flakies! If you don't know what they are, they are basically the new "glitter." Flakies are just that, flakes of different colors in a clear (sometimes tinted) base. Today I am showing you Finger Paint Asylum. There are 5 bottles in the collection but I only bought Asylum and Twisted. I feel that the other flakies are too similar to have bought all 5.

This is Asylum over A-England Lancelot. Asylum consists of red and blue flakes but since they are holographic, the flakes can look orange or green and sometimes purple.

I love buying these "special effects" top coats because they bring new life to the polishes you own already.

Depending on how much flakies you want, you can apply just 1 coat or if you're like me, and wanted a flaky explosion, I applied 2. The formula was easy to work with and with a clear base you can apply this to virtually any color polish and it will not change the color. Flakies are big this year! See if you can score some at Sally Beauty Supply.


  1. Do you usually just use this as a top coat or do you still put another top coat on? Some of flakies are described as top coat but some aren't I'm always confused on those

  2. I just came back to look at Asylum again.. haha
    @pumpkie.. flakies that are "topcoats" usually need a REAL topcoat on top!

  3. I usually add a quick trying top coat as a last step. I wouldn't leave this "unprotected" so to speak. I think when these flakies are described as top coats, they meant a layering polish. meaning putting it on top of another color.