January 11, 2012

Wet n Wild Megalast I Need a Refresh-Mint 218A

I really shouldn't go into drugstores or any stores that sell nail polishes. I can't leave without buying something. The great thing about drugstores is that you can find nail polishes at any budget! Wet n Wild is CHEAP compared to other brands I buy. Most of polishes are under $5, this one I'm showing today, I got for $1.99.

Went n Wild megalast, I believe, has undergo a bottle changed. It's not a new line, but I think it has a new bottle and also a new brush. The brush is very similar to Sally Hansen Insta-Dry line. It is wide and stiff, and I know some bloggers do not like these type of brushes. For my wide nail bed, this brush was perfect.

I was trying to go outside of my comfort zone when I decided to get I Need a Refresh-Mint. Everyone is pushing spring colors now, and I don't have a mint green, $2 is the perfect price for trying colors.

It is a cream finish (my favorite) and only needed 2 coat to reach opacity. It reminds me of Easter and Jelly Beans.

I might go back to ShopKo and get more colors.....

I am sick of winter... I live in a very cold state and winter can drag on forever. I Need a Refresh-Mint is the perfect pick me up for those winter blues.

1 comment:

  1. I Need a Re-Fresh Mint too from all the winter colors.. blah!
    And I love this color on you! Is there a slight shimmer? Or is the color just THAT awesome? ;)