January 10, 2012

I broke a nail

I broke a nail today, it was just a tiny break but I decided to just cut them all down. The quality of my nails at the tip weren't very good anyways. It was thin due to peeling. I am hoping that with my nail treatment and constantly using hand lotion/cuticle balm that my nails will grow stronger. ** Fingers Crosses **

Luckily, I had swatch 2 colors before the break so I will still be posting in the coming days. Anyways, here are my new short nails!

This is one coat of Nail Tek Foundation II, one coat of Nail Tek Intense Therapy and one coat of NYC Grand Central Station.

NYC New York Color Grand Central Station is my favorite drugstore quick dry top coat. It dries fairly quickly and it is cheap. Less than 2 dollars a bottle and you can get them at Target or Walmart. Since it's a smaller bottle, you don't have to worry about the formula getting goopy when it reaches the bottom like other top coats. 


  1. Just a tip.. I heard that nails are less prone to break if you shape the ends to mirror your cuticles. I see that you file your straight across (I'm guilty of this also). And I'm curious to see your Nail Tek results!! I have the Foundation II, but haven't used it yet.

  2. I am terrible at shaping my nail, this is the easiest way I know how lol

    I really think that Nail Tek II has helped with peelies. We'll see in a few more week, I guess.

  3. Also.. next time your nails break, or if the Nail Tek results aren't what you expect.. I swear by butter LONDON's Horsepower. Its well worth the cost and is literally the BEST nail product I own!

  4. I'll give it a try once I finished qtica and nail tek.